(Words: M. Regan; Music: T. Regan)

Long dormant in this sleepless night
In this crypt have I laid too long
And known not of the night or day
While month and year have passed me by
But now, at last, I feel again
The beating of my ancient heart
Awakened now to seek revenge
On those who wronged me in my past

Arise! I cry to broken bones
And flesh now infested with worms
Go forth these limbs that slept too long
And teeth that yearn to feast once more
Awake! Awake! My brothers, rise!
The time for retribution’s come!
For we shall right all what was wronged
And pay our debts in wage of blood!

No longer do they visit us
No flowers lay upon our graves
Our names know no place on their lips
Nor in their prayers are we intoned
And so, we laid in beds of stone
With each year growing seeds of hate
Until this dark and faithful night
When memories return in vain

Their cries will be like wine for us
Their entrails will be for our bread
And we shall dine while they still breathe
To teach them of the pain we knew
While we laid trapped in earthen tombs
And knew they had forgotten us
And while we sup upon their brains
We know they’ll pray to join the dead

But this dream shall not come to them
No dreamless sleep awaits this night
No gentle coffin shall greet their rest
No flowers to be wreathed and left
Instead, they’re doomed to wake with us
To conquer town and hamlet till
The whole world knows the sleepless hate
And seeks the taste of living brains