Legions of Decay

“Towards the end of World War I the German high command began a series of experiments on soldiers involving snake poison discovered on a Pacific island. According to legend, if used correctly it could pass on the gift of superhuman powers and immortality. Desperate to change the course of the war, the high command ordered a platoon of men to be injected with the chemically modified poison and to be sent into battle, even though it had not been thoroughly tested.”
-Zombie International’s ‘All Undead on the Western Front’

Inspired by and based on Zombie International’s comic “All Undead on the Western Front,” RVG:TZM presents the heaviest, doomiest, and ravenous album to date. From the catastrophic failure of “Operation Orcinianus Copia,” to the worldwide pandemonium of “All Shall Fall,” and the epilogue of “Hgrghrg,” Legions of Decay is the perfect complement to Zombie International’s thrilling story, yet stands on its own, hungering for brains.

Zombie International provided 100% of the artwork for Legions of Decay. “All Undead on the Western Front” is available from Zombie International in both print and interactive versions at http://zombie-international.com.

Released: October 24, 2014
Running Time: 19:53
Label: Self-Released
Recorded: July – September 2014 at the Halls of Glory, Savage, MD


  1. Operation Orcinianus Copia
  2. Feuer Frei
  3. Legions of Decay
  4. All Shall Fall
  5. Hgrghrg