Released: 2007
Running Time: 1:03:24
Label: Self-Released
Recorded: Various locations in Maryland 2002-2006

Millenia of Rot contains demos of old RVG:TZM songs and some live tracks. Also includes the never-before-released “Arch Vile.”


1. Arch Vile
2. Beyond the Grave (Live)
3. Feasting on Your Brains (Live)
4. Send More Cops (Live)
5. Zombie Ritual (Live)
6. Brraaiinnss!! (Demo)
7. Forever to Hunger for Brains (Demo)
8. Empty Skulls (Demo)
9. Feasting on Your Brains (Demo)
10. The Revenant (Demo)
11. Ravenous (Demo)
12. Beyond the Grave
13. Hurricane Zombie (Demo)