(Words: M. Regan; Music: T. Regan)

Alas! On this, a cold and moonless night
I wake to find my sweet repose disturbed
And not by Judgement’s trumpets am I stirred
But and eternal curse that knows no end
My hatred pulses through my coursing veins
A fierce allegiance stirring in my breast
I know no remedy to soothe my soul
Except for flesh and brains and human blood
Relentless Atromorta now consumed
What once knew life and love and wondrous joy
I feast on flesh and skulls I yearn to crack
To sink my teeth into a screaming youth
His tendons snap beneath my ghoulish strength
His sweet life’s blood bespilt upon the ground
I come to sup on what’s inside his skull
The sweet pink goo is like a perfumed treat
His withersoul escaping with his scream
But lo! My thirst is only quenched for now
And soon my godless hunger will return

I join my zombie brothers in their horde
And soon commence this, our final march
Towards the town of those we used to love
Whose pleas and cries mean nothing to out ears
And fight us though they may with flame and club
Or garden tools snatched in the wake of fear
It matters not how many of us fall
For the night of our supreme vic’ry’s here
And so we shall advance upon them all
Until the reign of zombie death is won