Legions of Decay

Legions of Decay

Inspired by and based upon Zombie International’s comic “All Undead on the Western Front,” RECENTLY VACATED GRAVES: TRUE ZOMBIE METAL presents their heaviest, doomiest, and most ravenous release to date. LEGIONS OF DECAY is a concept EP recounting the story of the zombie outbreak stemming from a desperate experiment by the German military to create supersoliders in the closing days of World War I. Zombie International provided 100% of the artwork for LEGIONS OF DECAY.

LEGIONS OF DECAY will be released on October 24, 2014 in digital and a limited edition digipak CD formats. Pre-orders are available through RVG:TZM’s Bandcamp page. All pre-orders include an immediate download of the title track, “Legions of Decay,” which can also be streamed below.

The zombified remains of the cities of Buffalo and Boston have the honor of being the first to experience tracks from LEGIONS OF DECAY live! RVG:TZM shambles into The Lair in Buffalo, NY on the LEGIONS OF DECAY release date, October 24th.Then, October 25th, RVG:TZM shall feast upon the brains of Massachusetts at Sammy’s Patio in Revere!

“All Undead on the Western Front” is available from Zombie International in both print and interactive versions at Zombie-International.com.

LEGIONS OF DECAY is the second concept EP from RVG:TZM, following the 2012 release ANTIETAM 1862. Like the previous concept EP, the story unfolds over 5 tracks, beginning with “Operation Orcinianus Copia.” This opening track and the following track “Feuer Frei” are directly based on the “All Undead on the Western Front” comic. “Legions of Decay” and “All Shall Fall” describe the worldwide devastation of the zombie outbreak. Reminiscent of the band’s other 2012 release, the completely lyricless CONSUMED BY DEATH, the closing track “Hgrghrg” provides a wordless epilogue to the story. More information can be found here.