RECENTLY VACATED GRAVES: TRUE ZOMBIE METAL presents the official lyric video for “OPERATION ORCINIANUS COPIA,” the opening track of the LEGIONS OF DECAY EP, based on Zombie International’s brain-devouring comic, “All Undead on the Western Front.” The lyric video features stills and animation directly from “All Undead on the Western Front.” Hear or order your copy of LEGIONS OF […]

CHAAGGH Music Video!

RECENTLY VACATED GRAVES: TRUE ZOMBIE METAL presents the official music video for “CHAAGGH,” the opening track of the Consumed by Death EP, RVG:TZM’s first lyricless EP. Over four zombified tracks, not a single intelligible word is uttered; instead hear the tormented, haunting screams of the undead. Musically, Consumed by Death has stayed true to the original […]

Studio Update

The foundation of the next disc has been laid. The studio we’re working in will be relocated shortly. Sadly, this will cause production of the disc to go on a brief hiatus. However, in a few weeks, we will be up and running again (returning from the dead, if you will) and pounding out the […]

RVG:TZM in the Movies!

“Brraaiinnss!!” from Recently Vacated Graves: True Zombie Metal’s album, True Zombie Metal, was featured in the short film, “The Bus Stop and The Smile” by Justin Dean. You may recognize one of the actors as RVG:TZM’s lead vocalist Clinton Ebadi. We would like to hail Justin for his fine use of our music, and will […]