Recently Vacated Graves: True Zombie Metal’s Tim Regan shared tips for surviving a zombie apocalypse in the April 2012 issue of Decibel magazine. His genius appears on pages 44 and 45.

As they only published a handful of the interview (presumably to make room for lesser zombie bands) you can find the rest of the interview below:

Decibel: What is your first move? Do you find a safe place or start fashioning weapons?

TR of RVG:TZM: Before the zombie apocalypse, you should have already stockpiled weapons (both melee and ranged) and supplies. When it begins, we would barricade ourselves in a secure location and create a signal for the living to help us, like the messages on the roof of the mall in the Dawn of the Dead remake.

Decibel: What would be your favored weapon?

TR of RVG:TZM: People usually seem to favor guns in zombie movies, which I don’t understand. Bullets are finite. The best weapon would be a bat, if you’re quick enough to use it correctly. Failing that, a sword would do the job. Perhaps an axe? Something that never needs reloading.

Decibel: If one of your bandmates became infected, would you think twice about cutting off their head?

TR of RVG:TZM: Recently Vacated Graves: True Zombie Metal is actually comprised of a rotating group of members, any of whom could step in should another need to be exterminated for having become a zombie. We’re unique in that way, and also more likely to be the lone band that can survive a zombie apocalypse because of it.

Decibel: What would you do if bitten on the arm?

TR of RVG:TZM: Depending on the situation, if I knew I was becoming infected, I would die in a hero’s fashion: I would create a diversion that means certain death for me so that the others might have a chance to escape. Once you’re bitten, there’s no going back.

Decibel: Is your perception of zombies modern or classic (fast or slow)? Would your plans change if it were the opposite?

TR of RVG:TZM: Slow zombies are the way to go. Night of the Living Dead had it right. A zombie might not be that much of a threat, but many zombies over time, that’s frightening. If zombies were the fast zombies like in 28 Days Later, that would change everything. Melee weapons won’t do. You need to kill them at a distance with guns, fire, moats, etc.

Decibel: What would you miss most about a non-zombie world?

TR of RVG:TZM: Electricity. No electricity means no RVG, unfortunately. (Although we did do an acoustic show in 2006, so I guess we’d be fine.)

Go pick up the issue to see what they did publish. Fill your brains with delicious knowledge.